The Business Plan

Our selection of quality speculative fiction gives the reading public an incentive to take part in this program, and provides them with an entertaining read as well.
As a non-profit organization, we can apply for grants to extend this operation. The National Endowment For The Arts is one good prospect, and there are a host of private endowments that support literary efforts.
It's a lonely world out there for the unpublished author. There was a time when established authors would mentor newcomers, advising them on their writing skills and content. Robert A. Heinlein mentored some of the great names to come out of the 50s and 60s. Reputedly, Hugo Gurnsbach did so as well. Sadly, that practice has diminished, leaving the untried author to struggle alone to learn the skills needed to break into the market. The Written Wyrd encourages established authors to renew this practice. Among the things to be hoped for is that they will refer promising newcomers to us to gain promotional support and recognition, hopefully leading to commercial publication (as below).
The single biggest problem any unpublished author faces is getting feedback on their work. By putting together an editorial review source, potential authors could benefit in improving their works, and in getting their works reviewed once they are published.
The Written Wyrd will feature samples of cover art from budding artists, together with contact information so that self publising authors and small presses can connect with them.
  • Provide activities which give exposure to authors.
The Written Wyrd will organize and stage public activities promoting local self published and small press authors by providing them with a chance to interact with the community.

A Special Appeal To The Industry

Established Writers, Publishers, SMOF, Please Read.

You can find more background on this project by checking this link.

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