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Books need cover art; and like authors, there are a great many potential cover artists out there pining for their big break. To this end, we are opening this page to unknown cover artists who want to post samples of their work along with contact information so that authors and publishers can see what they do.

We invite artists to submit standard 9" h x 6" w front cover art in 300 dpi JPEG form showing their specific styles and skills. While we generally want to limit this to one sample per artist, those with several distinct styles will be given careful consideration. Due to space and staff, we must limit our selections to original quality art which exceeds what the average computer user can create.

It will be up to the individual authors and publishers to contact the artists through contact information included. From there, negotiating specific art agreements will be up to the individuals involved.

The Written Wyrd cannot assume any responsibility for selection or non-selection of offerings, for art so displayed, or for third party contactual arrangements (or the violation thereof).

This is a free service. If you wish to post your art here, please contact us.

Sample (Click Here)

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Also see About Writing for details on graphic art standards for the publishing industry.

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