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This novel takes the classic notion of First Contact and gives it a few twists, some tugs, and more than a yank or two ...

... powerful aliens, with a spacecraft the size of Manhattan suddenly appear in orbit and send down an emissary, who in proper Earth fashion is promptly killed. Throughout the trial of the human assassin many fascinating historical events on Earth pertaining to first contact between powerful and not-so-powerful societies are brought to the fore.

TRIAL is both a compelling read and a page-turning read and above all a fascinating meditation on the perils associated with powerful technologically advanced aliens contacting present-day humanity. If you like well plotted thrillers, full of fascinating characters and interesting historical details, you'll enjoy TRIAL. I read it in one sitting (kept me up until 4 AM) which is the highest praise I can give any novel.

Elton Elliott, Portland, Or. (author of the Nanoclone Trilogy)

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