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Playing God

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A new twist on time travel (5 stars on Amazon)

By Sechin Tower on April 11, 2015

Format: Paperback

Playing God is a new take on the old time-travel fantasy of travelling back and killing Hitler. Only what happens if you kill him, and then someone even worse crops up? The world gets nuked. So then you kill the next guy… and the world gets nuked by someone else. Even if you can kill anyone at any point in history with a few hours of computation and the press of a button, it will become a full-time job, then a lifetime career. And what happens when you begin to grow old? Who will take over and see the project to completion—if it can be completed?

Playing God explores the lonely role of a man who has chosen this path for himself and how he reaches out to a minor celebrity he’s never met in person to help him through his darkest hours. It’s a sophisticated story that gets at what human beings and the societies we create are really made of.

The only shortcoming of this book is the cover: the trees don’t in any way communicate sci-fi, time travel, or love through the ages. So do yourself a favor and don’t judge a book by its cover.

(Authors note: the cover has been changed in response to this review. Thank you, Sechin!)

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