Star Flight

A YA Demi-Novel 65,400 words

A Chance To Start Over...

R'nemReth was an outcast all her young life. A troubled, unstable youngling, she fled the crèche at an early age to take up a skittish life on the streets. Now she faced a lifetime in a remote penal nest for the crime of surviving by any means necessary.

She received a last moment reprieve: a chance to earn her freedom. But to do so, she had to face unimaginable dangers on a distant world.

What was worse was why she received this chance: she bore a unique gift—or curse—from the moment she was hatched, and it was the origin of all her problems.

Could she meet the challenge which would set her free? And if she won her freedom, could she survive bearing that unique curse?

The saga of the new generation continues in this story of a youth tragically lost and her long, harrowing road to redemption.

Sometimes society, whether by design or neglect, fails the young—the most vulnerable and least able to defend themselves against the cold, cruel world. When that happens, only those lucky few, the gifted and strong, manage to win through. For most, it is a sentence tantamount to death.

This is the tale of one such lost youth who was both cursed by society's failings and redeemed by happy chance. But while society may be willing to recognize it's fault and offer hope, it is up to the recipient of that hope to grasp the chance and make good.

Ultimately each of us is a product of our society—its successes and failings—and how we rise to a challenge no one should have to face, but all too frequently do.

Author's Comments:

The Young Adult field offers the author a unique opportunity to speak on compelling social questions, something Speculative Fiction in general is good at. I found this particular work especially satisfying since I faced my own challenge of society's failures and overcame to be the productive human being I am today. Hopefully this will give the reader pause to reflect on their own unknowing failures, and to reach out to the troubled youth we all know.

In entering the Juvenile and YA field, I want to present not only a lively and entertaining tale, but strong ethical themes as well. In this instance, a cautionary tale of how the young can all too easily fall through the cracks to become outcasts through no fault of their own. It is also a tale of personal courage in the face of desperate choices, of finding the strength to overcome fear and adversity, of keeping an eye on the prize no matter the challenge, and overcoming alienation from society. All in all, I think it worked out quite well.

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