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This one was great military sci the main character...

David McFarland, San Bernardino, Ca.

The dark side of the Ic'nichi - Human Universe

I am a kind of dullard when it comes to reviews. I just don't have the imagination and the methodology of a good technical reviewer. If I like a book - really like a book - then regardless of character development, grammar, etc. I give it five stars. I don't give many books any stars. And I reserve reviews to those books I can't put down. This book will not be for everyone. For some folks, it will reinforce the stark feeling that the human race is a bunch of genocidal parasites on planet Earth. On the other hand that may be the norm for an intelligent and aggressive species. But what if a species that humans have hunted to near-extinction survives (somehow) - a species that meant no apparent harm to any other - then decides to have its revenge in the far future? This is the situation faced by a dead military genius whose memories and tactical mind are transplanted into the body of an amoral, cowardly murderer. The book reminded me of another with a similar premise written by Issui Ogawa - The Lord of The Sands of Time. Hopefully there will be a sequel involving MacKenna in the not too distant future.

By Amazon Customer on March 30, 2014


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