Ghoulish Good Fun

Macabre Anthology

47,000 words

Tales Of The Macabre...

You think you're safe sitting there in the light? You aren't you know. There are forces beyond your seeing which shape your destiny and can make a fine hash of the best laid plans of mere mortals. And to prove it, here is a collection of short stories and articles which will disabuse you of such foolish notions about 'normalcy'.

Herein is revealed the awful truth that:

  • The Universe isn't quite what it seems...
  • Some justice does not fit the crime...
  • A mind is a terrible thing...
  • Change isn't necessarily good...
  • We are not the Masters of our fate...
  • It really pays to be polite...
  • Both good and evil can reach beyond the grave...
  • And Good Intentions can lead to disaster...

    So lock your doors and windows, and settle in for the ride of your life. You'll the morning.

    Ah! I see we have another brave soul in our presence. Welcome, dear Reader!

    Let us embark this day upon a journey into the farthest, darkest reaches of speculative literature. Herein is a veritable Rogue's Gallery of short stories and articles—some amusing, some informative, some horrifying—some all three at once.

    Within these pages you will touch the depths of Darkness, reach for the stars, ponder mortality and immortality, wonder at our place in the Universe, and marvel at how Good Intentions can go so horribly wrong. Here is a collection to set the mind a-buzz, stir the pot of complacency, and make you look nervously over your shoulder; which is what Speculative Writing is all about.

    Reality as we know it is a cruel practical joke! From monstrous conspiracies to Divine Justice to the workings of the mind to the fate of mankind to deals with the Devil, here is the Truth which has been carefully kept from you all these years. The Universe is laughing at you: laugh along with them, if you dare!

    Author's comments

    Here is another departure from my usual fare of novel-length works. When I was developing 'Deus Ex Machina', my search through the dead files turned up several odd tidbits. They didn't fit the 'Deus' mold, but after looking them over, I realized this stuff was too good to remain buried (in keeping with a theme).

    Sometimes I have to wonder what goes on in my mind! Aside from my usual out-of-control humor, there is also a decided strain of Creepy to be found here. It leaves me bemused at times. In any case, here is a tidy little read for those with an off-center view of the world.

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