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The Interstellar Concord Saga
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The Diplomacy Trilogy




The Intervening Years

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Young Adult

The MacKenna Trilogy

Military Drama

Military Drama

Military Drama

Perhaps humanity's greatest Gift is the ability to dream - second only to our ability to read and write. And nowhere does this Gift better expressed than in the realm of Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror).

Those who cater to this desire - the authors - serve a vital and welcome social role, a role rightly time-honored. Yet becoming a capable author is a long and difficult quest; a quest to learn subtilites of language and culture most people are not aware of. And while 'book learning' can do much, the best learning comes from the tradition of mentoring and peer review.

The Written Wyrd* is a literary trust created by a typical self-published author who has been down this road. The goal is to support self-published and small press authors and cover artists by recounting my own efforts, successes, and failures in order to smooth the journey for others.

The works listed at the edges of this page are my own efforts at independent authorship, which I offer world-wide as a charitable activity. The income is used to support new authors and cover artists with technical advice and resources on this site. The goal is to help them develop their skills and get their names before the reading public - to provide them that little edge which can make the difference between a wannabe and someone with honest accomplishments in hand.

So please come in, look around, explore the world of speculative fiction as seen through the eyes of the self published author, and above all, enjoy!

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All proceeds from sales go to support interest in speculative fiction and the efforts of self-published and small press authors.

Thank you for your time and interest. I hope you enjoy these efforts.

All my best,

Bob Boyd

* The term 'Wyrd' is Olde English for one's fate or destiny, as in 'he met his wyrd'.

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For Your Consideration:

From "In The Course Of Diplomacy":

You have to love a dedicated liaison officer. Early on, Commander Rostokovich expressed curiosity about our endurance rations, and even sampled one, which made him violently ill. (Well, we did feed him the nastiest of the lot, but all in good fun.) When he heard about the shipping delay, he arranged for a C-wing load of fresh food to be flown here from Singapore, which gave us at least a temporary relief from our tedious diet.

Fresh food was a gift from the Ancestors, and the banqueters whipped up a feast which became a legend of the Diplomatic Service. Late-meal was lively that evening, and I stuffed myself until I couldn't move. Ancestors, was I sick of endurance rations! The Commander was our guest at the defenders' table, and we showed our gratitude by encouraging him to try various dishes. He was game enough, helped on by generous amounts of something called 'vodka', until he became violently ill again, and a good time was had by all. Half of us were out with constipation the next morning, but it was well worth it.

Your Disturbing Thought For The Day:

If Satan sneezes, should you say 'bless you'?

From The News Room

Famous Last Words

"That guy takes all the fun out of being in a train wreck!"

(Charlie Parkhurst - 'The Big Snow')

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