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Perhaps humanity's greatest Gift is the ability to dream - second only to our ability to read and write. And nowhere does this Gift better expressed than in the realm of Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror).

Those who cater to this desire - the authors - serve a vital and welcome social role, a role rightly time-honored. Yet becoming a capable author is a long and difficult quest; a quest to learn subtilites of language and culture most people are not aware of. And while 'book learning' can do much, the best learning comes from the tradition of mentoring and peer review.

Sadly, the professional industry is often reluctant to help the newcomer. While there have been notable exceptions, all too often issues of plaigerism, personality, and the press of deadlines discourage the veterans from reaching out to the new author. This situation is the reason this web site came into being.

The Written Wyrd* is a literary trust created by a typical self-published author who has been down this road. The goal is to support self-published and small press authors and cover artists by recounting my own efforts, successes, and failures in order to smooth the journey for others.

The works listed at the edges of this page are my own efforts at independent authorship, which I offer world-wide as a charitable activity. The income is used to support new authors and cover artists with technical advice and resources on this site. The goal is to help them develop their skills and get their names before the reading public - to provide them that little edge which can make the difference between a wannabe and someone with honest accomplishments in hand.

So please come in, look around, explore the world of speculative fiction as seen through the eyes of the self published author, and above all, enjoy!

Thank you for your time and interest. I hope these efforts will prove helpful.

All my best,

Bob Boyd

* The term 'Wyrd' is Olde English for one's fate or destiny, as in 'he met his wyrd'.

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For Your Consideration:

From "Diplomacy's End - The d'enchia Incident'":

"Are you a figment of my imagination? Or am I one of yours?" Admiral MacKenna growled.

Minister Jacek Hogarthy was just sitting his briefcase on the Admiral's desk, and gave him an angry glare. "Really, MacKenna, that was uncalled for. I see no reason for these personal insults."

"I'm sure you don't, but I can assure you they feel so damned good!"

Hogarthy fumed for a bit, locked in a bitter eye-to-eye battle with the Admiral. "I suppose they do," he ground out at last. "Just one more indication that you are no longer suited for this job."

"Well if you meant that as a threat, then you can take this job and shove it up your personality!" Right then MacKenna was fighting a nervous headache, which the Defense Minister's unwelcome arrival wasn't helping. It made him more combative and short-tempered than usual, which for him was something.

"You should be ashamed of your unprofessional behavior," Hogarthy lectured him. "I come all the way out here to Singapore to help put the fleet back in order after that disaster you got us into, and this is how you greet me? I would think you..."

Mac lost it, and pounded his fist on the desk. "I don't give a flying purple DAMN what you think!"

"That will be enough..."

"If I may, Minister," Captain Rostokovich interrupted. "Please excuse Admiral's temper. He is under much strain, and is still not recovered from his injuries."

MacKenna bridled at that, but kept his peace. Ivan was right: he needed to dial it down, no matter the provocation. In fact he wasn't fully recovered from what happened at the Battle Of The Dreamsingers' World—he died, horribly, from the effects of the Black Sphere's death-wish projector—nor did it seem likely he ever would. The alien J J Ballas revived him and wiped away most of the memories, but something like that marks a man, regardless.

Your Disturbing Thought For The Day:

Never let the paint dry on one disaster before launching another.

From The News Room:

My Writing Career Is Restarting!

As many of you know, I have been absent from my writing for some time - years - brought on by a combination of health issues, several unexpected household moves, and some severe writer's block as a result.

I am pleased to announce that my writing has taken the first tentative steps to restarting: first by a long overdue upgrade to this web site, followed by completing several novel length works.

First of these will be the third of the MacKenna trilogy, which I can see will need some substantial rewrite. After that are two epic fantasies, two mainstream novels, a third YA demi-novel, and another short story collection.

This will take time, especially as my writing efforts are still problematical, but - hopefully - things are moving again.

Famous Last Words

"You know it has to be done, which means it will be done, which means it can be done. You need to keep faith in yourselves, is all."

(Trudy - 'The Big Snow')

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